Our Mission

The Triple Play Marathon is a Montreal-based charitable sports event consisting of back-to-back softball games over a 24-hour period. This family-friendly event aims to provide an enjoyable experience for all players and spectators through community involvement and active participation, with the added benefit of raising money for a good cause.

Our Story

My name is Matthew Rothpan. Over 30 years ago, my father, Mark, along with some of his colleagues, founded and organized an annual softball event between 1985 and 1995 to raise money for research, education, and patient services on behalf of those suffering from cancer. Since then, I’ve seized the opportunity to revive it today. With similar goals in mind, I hope to establish this charity sports event as an annual community fundraiser for worthy local causes.

Matthew Rothpan

Founder, Co-Organizer

Emily Burdman


Emily Zidel